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Complete List of Online Hobby Resources

Online hobby resources are gateways to a world of knowledge, and inspiration, empowering you to explore interests. We are creating the ultimate list of online hobby resources by category to be your go-to reference for hobby-related information, inspiration, and connections.

This list is updated frequently. Check back often for new resources to explore.

Knitting & Crocheting

Knitting Guild Association

  • The Knitting Guild Association: A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education and resources to knitters to advance their mastery of the craft of knitting.


All Free Knitting

Paradise Fibers


  • Knitty is a free knitting magazine on the web. Enjoy their large selection of high-quality free knitting patterns and tutorials.


Craft Yarn Council

  • This website offers information, education, standards, and guidelines for yarn enthusiasts of all kinds, including knitters and crocheters.


  • Ravelry is a website for knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, and dyers. They are a social network of millions of yarn lovers from all over the world. Ravelry provides a personal notebook for fiber artists to keep track of their projects, yarns & fibers, tools, and pattern library, a rich database of patterns and yarns, and a community with thousands of forums and groups to connect with other Ravelers over any interest you could think of.

UK Hand Knitting

  • UK Hand Knitting is a not-for-profit organization promoting hand-knitting and associated yarn crafts and supporting independent retailers.

Crafts & DIY

Crafts Council United Kingdom

  • The Crafts Council is the United Kingdom’s National Charity for Crafts. They inspire making, empower learning, and nurture craft businesses. We believe craft skills and knowledge enrich and uplift us as individuals and, in doing so, will change our world for the better.


  • This online learning platform allows you to take classes on crafts such as knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, embroidery, jewelry-making, paper crafts, etc. You can also access patterns, supplies kits, blogs, forums, and more.

The Spruce Crafts

DIY Network



Runner’s World



Hiking & Outdoor Activities


Hiking Project


American Hiking Society

The Mountaineers

Sierra Club Outings



BBC Good Food

Baking Sense

Heart’s Content Farmhouse

Better Homes & Gardens

King Arthur Baking Company


Culinary – Beer, Wine & Spirits

Beer & Wine Hobby

  • Beer & Wine Hobby is an online store that markets wine and beer-making ingredients and equipment. It describes the equipment and supplies in craft brewing and winemaking.
  • The equipment is well-built, functional, and high-quality, ranging from starter kits to stainless steel plumbing supplies.
  • The site highlights the variety of ingredients, such as hops, malts, yeast, cheese, honey, hot sauce, and BBQ sauce. The ingredients are sourced from around the world and flown in weekly.

Hobby Homebrew

  • Hobby Homebrew is a homebrew store that offers supplies for home brewing beer, wine making, cider, kombucha, distilling, and BBQ to go with it! They have over 250,000 bits of kit in stock.

Pros and Cons of Homebrewing

  • offers various resources for homebrewers of different levels, from beginners to advanced. It covers brew day techniques, cleaning, water profiles, recipes, and more.
  • The site also helps you explore over 100 recognized beer styles, with flavor profiles, tasting notes, and recommendations. It enables you to find beers similar to the ones you like or learn how to evaluate beers.
  • A helpful aspect of the site is it teaches you how to pair beer with food, just like wine.

WineMaker Magazine

  • shares recipes and advice for four gold medal-winning fruit wines from top amateur winemakers.
    “WineMaker Magazine is an American magazine, particularly concerned with the process of home winemaking. The magazine is published six times annually from offices in Manchester Village, Vermont. WineMaker was launched in 1999 and each issue includes wine recipes, how-to projects and advice columns. WineMaker magazine also runs the annual WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition.”


  • is a forum site for home-brewing beer, wine, cider, mead, and other fermented beverages and foods. It also includes sections for trading, selling, buying, reviewing, and discussing home brewing equipment, ingredients, recipes, techniques, and events.

Wine Folly

  • is a fun and educational resource for wine lovers. It is a platform offering free online learning, books, maps, and courses about wine. Topics cover wine varieties, regions, styles, pairing, and cooking with wine.
  • Wine Folly also produces wine-related art and accessories, such as posters, journals, corkscrews, and more.
  • Wine Folly has won a James Beard Award and earned praises from critics and enthusiasts alike.

Fermenting for Foodies

  • teaches fermenting for foodies featuring healthy recipes designed to feed your microbiome.
  • Fermenting for Foodies provides recipes and information on fermenting food.
  • The website has a variety of recipes for different meals, such as appetizers, baked goods, breakfasts, condiments, main dishes, sides and salads, soups and stews, and desserts.


  • provides information on wineries in San Luis Obispo (SLO) Wine Country in California. The region is populated by artisan vintners and family-owned wineries united by the unique growing conditions of SLO Wine Country.
  • The website provides a wine-tasting map that covers most of SLO Wine Country within a 15 to 20-minute drive in any direction.

  • A website that offers expert advice, tips, and videos on how to make and enjoy cocktails at home or a bar.

Reading & Writing


  • Booksie is a free online publishing site allowing you to easily post, share, publish, and promote your writing. It is a friendly and helpful site for reading your and other people’s writing, novels, short stories, poems, and more.


  • National Novel Writing Month is an annual event that challenges writers to write 50 000 words of a novel in November.
  • You can join this online community of writers who support each other through the process. You can also find local events, workshops, and meetups in your area.

Writer’s Digest

  • This magazine and website provide tips, advice, inspiration, and resources for writers of all levels. You can find articles on craft business publishing genres, market contests, and more.


  • This is a social media platform for book lovers where you can discover rate reviews recommend sharing join book clubs participate in challenges, win giveaways chat with authors.

Book Riot

  • This website covers everything related to books, such as news review lists, quizzes, videos, podcasts, and newsletters. Books from diverse genres, authors, cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives can be found.


  • This online cataloging service allows you to organize, track, catalog, share, discuss, swap, lend, and borrow books. You can also join groups, forums, events, and challenges.

Collection Hobbies





Board Games




Road Tripping




Find a Grave

Scale Modeling

Model Railroader

Art & Painting



  • provides information on the eight basic steps of the Zentangle Method, how to create Zentangle art, and how to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher.
  • It also provides an interactive application called Zentangle Mosaic that brings together a worldwide community of Zentangle artists.



Animal Care

Backyard Chickens

General Hobbies Information (DIY, Forums & Social Media)